We are pleased to inform that our Company, which is for many years supplier to public and private sanitary structures on the whole national territory, has enlarged and updated its commercial range and its technical structure to be in a position of offering always the best distribution service and product assistance.

The developed innovations include as well the exclusive sale and distribution in Italy with the technical assistance – before and after sale – on a list of products here below listed. For more than 35 years we are importing and distributing products, manufactured in those Countries being very much advanced technologically, whose use is addressed to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Emergencies Services.

Moreover Coremec manufactures and exports a wide range of products with its own trademark, products that are appreciated from the end users for their quality and for the easy way to be used.

Coremec has got its administration and manufacturing plant in Nichelino -Torino – location very well connected to the main routes; its surface of 5.000 square meters among warehouse and offices which accomplish the needs of a large sales network well-distributed on the whole national territory.

The most important key of our Company is focused on high-level training for all the members of each department; the service offered to Customers is the core of our Company philosophy.

Since always Coremec has been engaging huge resources in the research and development in the aim of implementing new solutions to ease the activity and the fruition of even highly specialized sanitary services.

Coremec is also structured in memberships to operate in the conditioning field (sterile air for Operating room, Workshops, Intensive care Units, Radiology …) of the electrical systems for the renovation “TURNKEY” for which there is relevant registration to the National Register.
Since its beginning, the main Coremec’s objective has been the “quality” and the whole Company organization has been involved to reach this target: target that was achieved in year 1998 with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Care to demands and expectations of its Customers is the basic requirement of the quality policy for Coremec for whom the main objective is to have full satisfaction from its Customers all.